About us

KommaGlobal is a sister company of KommaNet and KommaTrade which have been engaged in the mechanical and process engineering sector for decades. The company is an industrial export management office which provides worldwide sales, marketing activities, export management and market research to our partners without the capacity and/or experience. Our professional account managers are equipped with years of extensive knowledge and experience in trade promotion and qualification of products and production processes.

The goal of KommaGlobal is to function as the external industrial export management office of your company and handle all your international leads, quotations and other export needs.

Most highly qualified manufacturing companies do not necessarily have the required experience and knowledge to expand their market. KommaGlobal is here to help you reach other markets that you have ventured for many years. Companies from outside Europe might have problems searching for customers. Most buyers in European countries have not realized the benefits of sourcing from companies in emerging markets. There is often a disconnect between the two worlds.

  • Exporters cannot find the right method of promotion and strike the right chord.
  • They cannot select reliable partners to represent them.
  • They are unable to identify the right entry method to conquer promising markets.
  • They need advice and coaching to adjust their present sales force for internationalization.

Here are a few distinctive aspects you could consider for a successful global trade:

  • Promotion should be handled by experienced professionals in your target markets.
  • Your home office should be well organized not to waste this promotional effort.
  • Communications should be optimal from both sides and assured.

Vision & Mission

The mission and vision of our company is to minimize waste and enhance the capacity of your company by undertaking export and market research activities that would otherwise take up your resources. This way you get to focus on the core manufacturing business activities of your company.


Our team of experienced account managers and marketers has the technical and marketing skills to advise you and organize the best possible offers and deals. Our account managers and marketers are supported by a matured team of consultants with more than thirty years of global experience. Our services extend to:

  • Training and supervising manufacturers from developing markets in their export endeavors.
  • Assigning local export managers, that can speak local language and are culturally oriented.
  • The export account managers will perform market research.
  • These managers will fully be supported by KommaTrade and KommaNet resources, intelligence, personnel and management team.
  • Access to our the market intelligence and vast LinkedIn community of more than 21,000 community members in the mechanical and process engineering sector.
  • Follow up on your quotations by your personal account manager.
  • Promoting worldwide sales and market research on behalf of your company.
  • Linking your products to the right customers and/or distributors
  • Implementing export activities in an efficient and result oriented manner.

All in close co-operation with our partners who execute the final deliveries and arrange direct payments.


We cover the entire mechanical and process engineering products and services sectors. Our specialization in typical engineering related marketing and management is supplemented by exclusive databases and sources of key-people in the process and mechanical engineering sector.

KommaGlobal export management reach

It is our modus operandi to spend many hours to make and keep personal contact with existing and potential buyers around the world reaching the Americas, Asia, Africa, Australia and Europe at their prime time. This is a typical person to person (P2P) focused approach.

consultants audit clients
“Our consultants on tour visiting the principals we work for.”

We have a large and carefully maintained LinkedIn audience of more than 21,000 industry contacts from around the world as well. Our own web-directory KommaTrade is another invaluable marketing channel to reach the right clients. We also assure and secure interest in our principals place and make sure you are served by us and the manufacturer to the highest degree of performance.