We are acting as the international export division of the principals for which we are operating. You will receive deliveries straight from the company at the agreed conditions, time and place. Invoicing by our principal will also be direct.

Paranaa logo

Paranaa Pumps & Motors – Paranaa is a well-known manufacturer of Pumps, Pump Systems and Electric Motors.

Paranaa Pumps and Motors

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Trident Pneumatics – Trident Pneumatics are specialists in compressed air treatment. They are producers of air dryers, filters, drain valves, nitrogen generators and oxygen generators.

Trident Pneumatics

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Aqua Flow Precision Components – Aqua Flow is a precision machining component manufacturing company, delivering customized CNC machining solutions through their own development for diverse sectors. They can handle 3rd axis, 4th axis, 4th axis continues machining, CNC lathe, CNC turn mill and HMC 4th axis.

Aqua Flow